SAP in education is these days a key component in the overall strategy of an education industry. Although being mentioned as a warm matter for discussions, it should be taken seriously by education industry as it is crucial for its survival and growth.

Like lot more technological changes, digitalization also offers numerous barriers but when placed on a scale, the benefits of starting now this change, offer many advantages in the long term.


SAP EDUCATION Leader in Worldwide IT Training & Education

  • Engineering Graduates Enhanced career options from Circuit Branch and Non Circuit Branch Students.
  • Management Graduates Equipped with training on management tools like Analytics and ERP to improve employability
  • Commerce Graduates Proficiency in contemporary Financial & Accounting Principles and gateway for career in IT Industry and Core Jobs
  • 250+ courses available in learning hub Student Edition
  • Training provided in ~60 countries
  • 200+ premium University/Colleges associate Across the World
  • 420,000 people certified
  • 500,000 individuals trained annually


Improve Employability Index of Students

 Address the rapidly growing industrial demands across the globe

 bridging the Academics – Industry gap

 Create a sustainable and financially independent workforce

 Build Knowledge based Economy with cost effective programs from World’s best

ERP Company


Globally SAP is the No.1 enterprise software, which manages business operations and customer relations. EME partners with SAP to make your SAP Education Licensing process hassle free. We also deliver Trainings in the latest technologies


SAP is the market leader in ERP software, and SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) is the ERP software for educational institutions.


SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) ERP for Educational Institutions

SAP, the Enterprise software that’s part of our core business education, is how today’s businesses are run. The educational institutes are always ready to upgrades when it comes to software, or better IT software in order to fascinate learners and researchers. The ERP application, called SAP, is applicable to education institutes, and it helps day-to-day activities of the educational institutes easily.

The education sector or a school that could earlier be managed with a bunch of registers and clerks has transitioned into a complex organization with different departments spread over acres of land. Universities as earlier deal with lakhs of students spread over the whole country with 100’s of colleges. Managing such vast amounts of data manually is neither possible nor ideal. Thankfully there’re highly efficient ERP systems like SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) that can integrate all the functions of an educational institution like Finance, Admission, Inventory, Examination, etc. and digitally store all the data over a unified database allowing for quick data flow without extensive paperwork.

All educational institution has piles of data that just keep multiplying by the number of students, classes/courses, subjects, trimesters/semesters, etc. Without a digital storage and data organization system like ERP software, this massive volume of data can neither be managed nor used to derive any meaningful insights. ERP software allows storing such data in predefined formats which allows quick retrieval and sharing between different departments.

Apart from that, SAP ISHER ( Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research)ERP software system implementation in educational institutions also fosters data accuracy, data security, reduced lead time, quick changes, faster and reduced paperwork. ERP system automates several tasks like grade calculation, stock alerts of stationery, sports equipment, notification for late students, fee defaulters, library management, etc.


Features of Education Industry Solution

Invest in education SAP to mitigate all ongoing business challenges


  • Admission Management

Automate and streamline the admission procedure for the education industry. Male sure an error-free admission process of your school, colleges, and universities with a cloud education ERP.

  • Fees Management

Get workable information like dues-receipts, fee concessions, and others. Save your comfortable time and efforts by keeping a tab on fee collection and its operation.

  • Attendance Management

Say bye to the old and boring way of tracking attendance. Simplify attendance and get clarity on employee’s attendance in real-time.

  • Staff Management

Stay systematized and up to date with all your faculty data at your fingertips. Simply access the data and avoid hopping on multiple excel sheets and spreadsheets saving a substantial amount of time.

  • Asset Management

Easily maintain records, view depreciation history, track assets, calculate depreciation for various purposes and manage other key assets.

  • Purchase Management

Easily manage everything from procurement to quoting, contract operation, vendor management, direct delivery orders, rejected return orders and a lot more.

  • Industry Challenges

The change taking in the global education industry is exhaustive. Traditional paper and pen approach work not anymore. To remain competitive in this digital age and meet expectations of rising global education standards, there’s a need to invest in erp software for educational institutes which can tackle the complex challenges of this industry. Challenges like – “How to track salary distribution and automate the staff salary management process? “How to keep on track attendance/leaves of the school employees?” How to provide staff, parents, and students with real-time insights? “How to keep on track students’ interests, needs, and development in an extracurricular activity or so?” and there are many more.

In a quest to mitigate all the ongoing challenges and garner quick and smart results, all higher education establishments, from small colleges to large campus institutions are investing their interest in SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research). The software renders critical insights to make the student experience better, provides a unified view of every interaction with parents and break down traditional silos and build stronger and more fruitful relationships with parents, students, alumni, vendors, suppliers and sponsors.


Here’s how we do it;

Digital transformation and modernization are no longer something to brag about. Embarking on this journey has become a critical necessity for the higher education industry. Higher education schools, colleges and universities are now embarking on the journey to digitization with SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research.

Many leading schools, colleges, and universities are investing in SAP ISHER ( Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) to overcome the hassles of managing inventory, keeping a track of admission, fee and all possible activities happening in the education business.

One of the most important things within the Higher Education industry is to you should ensure that your students are satisfied. A simple way to do this’s to implement an SAP platform as your ERP system. SAP can deliver the ultimate client experience to students, professors, administrators, and advisors. Creating a unified experience brings universities together. As for research companies, as for research companies, SAP can streamline the research study process through digital automation and more. Not only does SAP keep educational institutions more organized, but it helps them plan for the future.

SAP predicts that by 2025 outreach and support will be the whole world keys to compete in the education industry. Creating personalized interactive connections and focusing on continuous student engagement is what keeps students satisfied. SAP reports some key value drivers are results of a minimum of 10% savings in total costs and a 10-20% increase in client satisfaction.

SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) helps to boost your international ranking and reputation through improved student engagement, research outcomes, and financial processes. Drive leadership and learning with better student information systems and education analytics.

In this age, all the top-level educational institutions are using this SAP ISHER (Industry Solution for Higher Education and Research) ERP. If you use this ERP for your educational institutions, it will be the best decision you can make for the students, for the faculties, and for your institution also.

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